Grade 1 Homeschool Box #7
Grade 1 Homeschool Box #7
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Grade 1 Homeschool Box #7

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Monthly Homeschool Activity Box Delivered To Your Home!

Parkwood Playschool’s Elementary Homeschool Box is aligned with the DEPED K-12 curriculum. It is a complete guide for all the subjects such as Math, English, Science, Filipino, Social Studies, and MAPE. Lessons and activities are designed to be exciting and engaging, allowing homeschoolers to get immersed and involved in every way.


  • A FREE Handwriting Club Session! (limited slots)
    • We'll send you more details about how to reserve a slot for both bonus classes after purchase.

What’s Inside the box?

  • Homeschool Guidebook - a 4-week instructional guide for all subjects, including weekly review worksheets, short reading passages & growth mindset activity.
  • 4 Skill Sharpener Activities for Math & English
    • Math - Mass /Capacity
      Measuring / Comparing the Mass
    • Capacity
      Measuring / Comparing Capacity
    • English -Verb
      Simple Present tense
      Simple Past tense
      Irregular Verbs
  • 4 STEM activities for Science
    • Heat - Uses / Sources
      Sound - How to Make Sound / Sources
  • MAPE Learning Kit
    • Music - Tempo
      Arts - Landscape Painting
      P.E. - Manipulative Skills (Throwing & Catching)
  • Social Studies Monthly Performance Task (Maps, Directions, and Locations Game)
  • Phonics & Sight Words (Spelling)
  •  School Supplies
  • Plus: T3 Parent Support every Saturday ( Teach the Teacher )