Dollhouse Camp (Cycle 1)

Dollhouse Camp (Cycle 1)

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Recommended for: Children 4 years old and up, for both boys and girls

Do you have any special childhood memories of playing with a dollhouse? Dollhouses are probably one of the most essential, open ended, imaginative toys any child could play with. 

What if your child could build, design, and play with your very own custom dollhouse? 

Let them plan, design and build their own dollhouse this summer! 

We love having longer term projects (meaning: completed over several sessions or days) for kids. It engages them in so many important skills like problem solving, innovating, imagining, planning, and more. If you’re looking for a project that strengthens those creative thinking muscles AND is contained inside a house-shaped box, I think your child is going to love doing this with Parkwood Playschool this summer.


  • Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays
  • 30 mins per session

Cycle 1: April 10 - May 3 (MWF)

Cycle 2: May 8 - 29 (MWF)

Cycle 3: June 5 - 28 (MWF)

    Fee: 6,000 for 1 module, dollhouse and materials needed to furniture and decorations)