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To register your child in our available classes for SY 2022-2023:
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You can also email or send us a message:


Mobile/Whatsapp/Viber: +63 906-556-7564
Facebook/Instagram: @parkwoodplayschool
To secure your child’s slot, please settle the 5,000 Registration Fee.
Your payment covers the amount Parkwood Playschool pays to maintain an IT team and software licenses/support.
Start by filling out the registration form:
For Homeschool Plus & Online Learning:

For Homeschool Box Program only:
You can view our program rates for the upcoming school year below:
Online Learning Program
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You can choose from:
Monthly (10 payments), Quarterly (4 payments), Trimestral (3 payments) and Semestral (2 payments)
School Materials for Homeschool & Online Learning
View school materials and fees here.
Sign the Tuition Fee Online Agreement Form.
There's a designated agreement form for each payment scheme. Once you fill out the registration form, we'll email you the agreement.
Settle the Tuition Fee and School Materials upon Enrollment
You can pay through BPI, Eastwest Bank, BDO or Gcash.
Please email the deposit slip or transaction record to for payment verification.
Upload the following documents via this File Submission Form
Original Copy of PSA Birth Certificate (for new students)
Signed Tuition Fee Agreement
Digital ID picture of child
Digital family photo
We'll release the schedule before the school year starts.
Welcome to Parkwood Playschool SY 2022-2023!
Your child will be assigned an email address to be used to access the Google Classroom
Class Zoom meeting details will be given during the Parent-Teacher Conference